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Berry Flirt Evergreen smoothie is made of : apricot, kale, banana, apple and maca root, no added sugar.

Smoothie in 1 Minute

Always put the liquid before the smoothie powder, use chilled liquid, do not microwave.

  • Breakfast Smoothie on-the-go: Add Berry Flirt smoothie powder to 300ml of plant based milk , shake for 30 seconds.
  • Breakfast smoothie bowl : Add Berry Flirt smoothie powder to about 80ml water and stir for 5-10 seconds, add greek yoguart or oat meal or granola or peanut butter(any topping you prefer for your healthy breakfast smoothie bowl).
  • Snack Smoothie / post workout smoothie: Add Berry Flirt smoothie powder to 200ml of water, shake for 30 seconds, and your delicious smoothie is ready.
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Nutrition 100 ml/portion

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