our mission

A smoothie for busy people

Lingling YU, Co-founder of Berry Flirt smoothie: the first priority of our smoothies is to make healthy eating easily and deliciously!

Do you love smoothies but do not want to make it? are you struggling of get your daily 5 fruits and veggies due to your busy lifestyle?

Berry Flirt instant smoothies is designed and created to provide an easier and healthier alternative to the sugar-packed smoothie drinks found in supermarket fridges up and down the country. 

Staying active in professional area, or being parents to the children, we understand the difficulty of trying to lead – and maintain – a nutritious, vitamin-enriched diet.

In 2020, we decided to take the leap, and make our vision a reality: create a smoothie brand that will help busy people incorporate more fruits and veggies during the day, without effort and in a healthy way. 

After a lot research, we decided to focus our attention on the freeze-dried solution which presented a lot of advantages including freshness, respect for raw materials, and absence of additives and pesticides. We searched and worked closely with top quality European freeze-dried fruits producers and British manufacturers. For months, we developed our recipes, tested our products for quality and safety, and after 18 months, we finally bring Berry Flirt to life.

We now offer an easy to carry and prepare, tasty, natural, organic smoothie with half the sugar and calories amount along with double the fibre compared to pre-made smoothies on the market.

We welcome you to the Berry Flirt experience!