Smoothies an easy way to eat your 5 a day

Smoothies an easy way to eat your 5 a day - Berry Flirt Smoothie

Smoothies make it easy to consume the famous 5 fruits and vegetables a day in a more fun and practical way (they can be transported to work, to gym, everywhere... and whatever the time of day.

Thanks to smoothies, we stock up on fibre, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants ... Detox smoothies, made with fruits and vegetables with purifying properties, are really great allies to help us eliminate waste and the toxins that clutter our body.

Rich in water and fiber and pectins smoothies are drinks that are excellent natural appetite suppressants by giving a feeling of satiety ... and are definitely better for your health and figure than soda or coffee!

Likewise, thanks to their high fibre content, smoothies often prove to be really good for digestion.

The latest trend in terms of smoothies is that of green smoothies, drinks made with green vegetables (spinach, chard, kale, etc.) whose chlorophyll content would do wonders on vitality, sleep and energy

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